Me and my colleagues, in other words, me and my generation. Teens!

“How are you? Fine? Great! Do you know what’s the news? My parents are so old… They don’t get me!”

Maybe you are thinking… What the hell this girl is talking in this introduction. And you are perfectly right! What the hell I am trying to say?

Basically, I what I really want to say is… I am feeling really old as a teenager! I am these kinds of teenagers that do enjoy the youth. I am constantly complaining about people of my age and expecting the time when I can retire. Maybe you get me, maybe you don’t. But this is not the topic that I am going to write.

If you don’t know, dear Reader, I am from Brazil. And in my country , what we see is a big collapse with our healthy system, (hospitals and more). And things is not going to be better soon, on the contrary, things is expected to worse than now. So…What do you think people are doing right now?

A-) Being at home

B-) Helping others

C-) Partying wherever they can

And the correct answer is… C! What we really see nowadays in the news, is people trying to do parties! (Can you capture the spirit of my text, the irony?) So this what we see people doing in quarantine in Brazil! And guess why this keep happening? Because they are tired to be at home; because we have a president that is a bad example of authority, (not respecting the regulation and more); because the “disease do not affect the teenagers”, (I know this is not true, but this what people of my age thinks)…

Here we are, with almost all of the hospitals operating with full capacity. And individuals stopping to do their check-ups because they are afraid of going to the hospitals and of course, cause they are full.

Hospitals from a reportage, (O Globo)

So… When I started to talk about teens in this text, I was trying to say, where is our compassion and empathy with others? Even if this disease do not affect us, which does, where is our ability to understand and to feel empathy with the country condition?

I know it seems that I am overreacting, but with this quarantine, for me was clear that any crystal that most of the teenagers do not care about how important it is to keep the social distance, and respect the medical advice to stop spreading the virus.

Unfortunately this is during quarantine. And if someone finds a person in this image respecting social distance, please , say in the commentary section.

Maybe this has some influence with their parents, really likely, but empathy is not just respecting the social distance and others things. Is also about understand other people with different backgrounds.

I know that sometimes I do this same thing, although, I’ve seeing in my sister and online communities too, just judging, cancelling and trying to enforce others to accept the politically correct without explaining, why it is wrong.

We are here to learn and all this kind of bullshit elders always say, and cancelling, insult, and enforce is not the best way to teach someone with different baggage and lifetime than us. If our grandparents and parents had a lot of patience to educate us about life, we also have to try to give than time to rethink about their wrong concepts and ideas.

And this what I was willing to talk. Because, I think that me and a lot of other teens do not have patience and empathy to go further or explore about the topics we see on the internet. We just look for some seconds and go to the next content. In other words, we don’t try to find the real reason for the problem or what it is behind the prejudice, stereotype, or bad opinion. (This is why I asked before if the teenagers do not have parents influence in their behaviour, and “said” about some political attitudes, that have huge impact of the continued of these parties).

Moreover, because of the facility to change topics, “to skip to the next video” and the speed things happens nowadays, people just stay in the surface of the issue. We don’t explore the profundities of the problem, like : what kind of industry is behind, if the past has influence, if we are forgetting that behind almost everything, someone is profiting about the culture appropriation and the lack of representation in the screens.

I don’t think I can say too much about all these kinds of topics. In the end, I am just a lonely teenager living in quarantine, and trying to separate herself with others teens. But in the end of the day, this is little text coming from a girl that have a lot to learn. So I am sorry if I said anything wrong. Be free to express yourself in a polite way.


Just being a number in the middle of statiscs